South Africa's Western Cape is the most beautiful wine producing area in the world
It is also one of the most complex and interesting and our wines are among the world's best 

Our wine country has a huge variety of different terroirs; the landscape changes every time you turn another corner and our wines reflect this complexity

Think of our wines as instruments in an orchestra, each playing a different note, but all coming together to make a wonderful, complex symphony of flavours and aromas
Come and experience this beautiful wine country with us, its wineries, vineyards and restaurants, the beauty of its mountains and valleys, its unique flora and our Cape Dutch architecture 

 John Ford, owner of Adamastor & Bacchus, is an experienced, qualified wine guide, wine and food writer and photographer who has a thorough knowledge of the Cape's wines and the land in which they are created

Since 1996, he has taken his clients to wine farms few others can access and he has introduced them to the people who create some of the world's finest wines

Table Mountain from Malmesbury at sunset

Passerene, Franschhoek

Delight in some of the world's most beautiful scenery

Taste the wines in the cellars with the winemakers

Enjoy gourmet food in great winelands restaurants

We'll tailor your tour to suit your interests

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Cape Wine Academy Diploma graduate - Diploma in Photography (UK) - Satour accredited Wine Specialist guide

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The story in our name:

According to the 16th century Portuguese poet Camoes, Table Mountain is the body of the   mythical Greek Titan, Adamastor, who is the southern counterpart of Atlas, the Titan imprisoned  in the North African mountains. Both were imprisoned in stone by Zeus for their part in a war  against the Greek gods

Bacchus should need no introduction to wine lovers

With a little imagination, you can see Adamastor in the photograph below. He is lying on his back. His head is Devil's Peak on the left, the main flat-topped part of Table Mountain is his body and Lion's Head, on the right, is his feet

Sunset over Glenelly wine estate, Ida's Valley, Stellenbosch. Glenelly is the property of Mme May Eliane de Lenquesaing, formerly the owner of Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse Delalande in Pauillac, Bordeaux 

 Winter vineyard and the 18th Century manor house at Buitenverwachting, Constantia

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